What is a Smartwatch? What do they do?

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With the progress of technology, newer gadgets and machines are getting invented to add sweet relief in our lives. Smartwatches are such a tech jewel that is running the whole gamut at present. This unique and useful tech piece is getting more and more popular with passing time. Therefore having a full-fledged knowledge about the smartwatch is very important.

What is a smartwatch?


A smartwatch is a computer device that is designed to be worn on the wrist. Smartwatches include touchscreens, offer apps like a smartphone and do many other things that a smartphone can’t do like recording heart rates and calorie burn.

This versatile device is found with many variations, some are intended to be used for daily activities whereas some others are intended to be used for specific purposes. So, let’s know about the types of smartwatch available in the market.

What makes a smartwatch ‘smart’?

Smartwatches are generally divided into two broad niches- one is a general purposed smartwatch and another one is for specific use like flying, hiking or diving. General purposed smartwatches are designed to replace mechanical wristwatch and heavy-weight smartphones.

You can summarize them as a support device for your phone that you can carry on your wrist. In the present market, Apple Watch, Wear OS watch, and Tizen watches are widely seen among general-purpose smartwatches.

What makes a smartwatch ‘smart’?

The name of the smartwatch definitely makes anyone curious about the reason that makes it ‘smart’. Actually, it’s the smart and useful features that they offer to make them ‘smart’. They go beyond a simple wristwatch and support doing such things we are used to doing with our smartphones.

They offer a smart solution of showing notifications, receiving a call, texting a message, listening to music or watch movies and many more things while traveling, driving or riding. [/su_spoiler]

What a smartwatch does in general?

Almost all smartwatches- whether they are projected for daily use or for a special reason- offer some common features in general. These are like


Irrespective of their types, all smartwatches display notifications to alert about important activities. Smartwatches that are connected with a smartphone usually display the notifications of the phone it is paired with. And some high-end smartwatches even include fall sensor and in the case of accidents, these can notify the authorities of the user.

Call managing

Smartwatch allows us to receive calls and making important calls without holding the phone on hand. They also support text messages.


The performance of a smartwatch largely depends on the apps it supports. The apps for a general purposed smartwatch and specialty smartwatch are not the same.

Media Management

Pairing up with a smartphone, smartwatches can manage media playback for you. While listening to music, you can pause, increase or reduce the volume with the help of your smartwatch.

Health monitoring

Most smartwatches include a heart rate monitor and a pedometer to measure the workouts and achieving the goal.


Most smartwatches come with GPS that helps to track the location of the user. It also helps to navigate unknown places.

Apart from these, smartwatches can do a lot more depending on the model and features.

However, from the above article, hope you have got a clear idea about smartwatches and their functions. Now you should be able to find out which type of smartwatch would be suitable for your needs.

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