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Types of Watches You Need to Learn First

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Watch is one of the most common wearable things in the world. A perfect watch with the right dress can give you an attractive look. Even a watch can grab the attention of people. But for this, you need to wear the right type of watch. There is a wide range of watch collection from different brands. Some of them are for sports, some are for fashion, and so on.

Ordering a watch becomes tough when someone tries to decide which type to buy. Well, in this article, I am going to share the main types of watches which will give you a clear concept.

First of all, you can divide and classify different watches based on different features. But based on the essential features and the look, we can say there are mainly 7 types of watches available in the market. Here are the types of watches –

1. Automatic Watches

Automatic watches were first introduced by the popular brand Rolex and they have improved different features of the watch. Then it became very popular because of the self-winding technology.That’s why now you can see a lot of automatic watches with a verity of features on the market.

The users don’t have to wind the watch. The watch uses the natural motion of the arm to turn a semicircular rotor. This winds the watch’s mainspring and no need for additional manual winding.

However, if you don’t wear the watch on a regular basis, you need to use an additional watch winder. But modern watches don’t require this and users can keep the watch standby up to 10 days. Modern automatic watches are also reliable and accurate which was not possible in the previous products.

2. Chronograph Watches

Like automatic watches, Chronograph watches are also one of the most popular types of watches. Chronograph watches are widely used in car racing and cycle racing. Usually, this type comes with a particular function that users can manually start and stop whenever they want. They come in different styles including the stopwatch model. Also, some watches have individual sub-dials that measure seconds, minutes, hours or even tenths of a second.

Though the Chronograph model is old fashioned, still different watch brands produce this type. People like to wear this because of the glorious history of the type.

3. Diver Watches

Diver watches are the most common and popular for their water-resistant features. Also, most of the diver watches are expensive. Based on the water-resistant feature, the price increases. Though the name says the watch is suitable for the divers, it is equally popular with general people. If you like to wear your watch all day long, this is the best type where you should invest your money. A few brands manufactured dive watches which you can also use for the occasional purpose.

Some diver watches are water-resistant for limited areas. Like if the watch is waterproof up to 30 meters, it is suitable to wear when you are swimming or taking a shower. Moreover, when the user is in an outdoor event, this feature will help. But real diver watches have more strength and they are even waterproof up to 300 meters. This allows users to go for snorkeling, diving, and other underwater activities. They come in a handy style that fits any clothing style.

4. Fashion Watches

As the name indicates, they are most popular for style and fashion. The style of fashion watches started in the 21st century.  People like to wear this style according to their clothing style and fashion trend. For example, someone who is tattooed would like to wear stylish watches that suit his personality. The same goes for people with luxury bags and other stuff.

However, it is tough to identify which one should be called a fashion watch. To be honest, any watch that comes in a casual look and has some unique style can be named as a fashion watch. They are used to be expensive and always bring some new features.

5. Luxury Watches

When I am saying luxurious watches, you may think you have a luxurious watch just because you have spent thousands of bucks on your timepiece. But the truth is, watches that are handmade and come inexpensive price and unique style are considered as a luxury watch. The beginning of luxurious watches is the 15th century. At that time, businessmen used to wear handmade watches.

Still now, the luxury watches come with handmade style. Some of them also come with expensive stones like a diamond. Or, the chain of the watch may come with gold or stone. You can also order a custom made watch.

6. Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are one of the oldest styles for watches. There are tons of models for this type. Most of the established companies have got popularity by their mechanical watches. However, people thought the popularity of this type will decrease as there are tons of new styles. But in reality, the opposite happened.

Though there are different brands and models, the function of those watches is the same. They come with a coiled mainspring that powers the watch. The spring is attached to a geared barrel. This barrel drives a series of small, geared wheels that rotate to turn the hands. There is also a balanced wheel that controls the barrel. This movement indicates the correct time on a dial.

7. Swiss Watches

It is obvious that the best watches come from watch brands in Switzerland. Even, when someone thinks to purchase the best wristwatch, the first country that comes into mind is Switzerland. Swiss watches are more durable, stylish and last for longer. They have almost all kinds of watches including self-winding watch, chronograph watch, perpetual calendar watch, diver watch, and more.

If you want to have the best deal, you should always pick a Swiss watch and it will last forever. The best part is, they look unique and grab the attention of anyone. Before picking a watch, it’s necessary to mark what purpose you are going to use it.

How to Repair a Watch Easily?

Do you have a watch and you are passionate about it? If the answer is yes, probably you have a wide range of watch collections. But sometimes, you may need to repair some small parts of your watches. For major repairing works, you can go for a professional. But this will cost you a lot and you may not like that. In that case, you can do it yourself. In this article, I am going to share how you can repair your watch.

What do you need to repair a watch?

To repair a watch, you need some essential tools which are –

Workspace: To work peacefully, the first thing you need is a perfect workspace. It can be a small table. But if you are serious about repairing works, you can also consider a watch bench which is specially made for repairing works. But in both cases, it should be flat and clean.

Screwdriver Set: The next thing you need to collect is a good screwdriver set. This is a must thing when you want to repair your watches yourself. Make sure the selected product has good reviews and it is not going to do any harm to your valuable watch. Look for the material of the screwdriver to have a good deal.

Parts Tray: When you remove a part of your favorite watch, you need to keep them in a safe place. You shouldn’t keep those parts directly on the table. Rather, you should always use the parts tray. They are made of high-grade plastic and keep the parts secure. Also, you won’t be lost your valuables.

Tweezers: You need to keep in mind that the parts of a watch are very small and you can move or take from the watch directly using your hand. For this, you need to use tweezers. But it won’t be the regular one. There is a wide range of tweezers in the market which is particularly designed for watches.

Cleaning Supplies: The last thing you need to buy is cleaning supplies. Buy a mechanical or ultrasonic parts cleaner and make sure the solution is not harmful to your watch. Especially, if there are some highly active chemical, it may spoil the watch material, particularly the metal parts.

Repair The Watch

Now it is time to repair your watch. First of all, find out the screws of the watch. You will find the screws just under the dial. Use your screwdriver set for removing the top back. For this, use the right side of the screwdriver that fits properly with the screws. Don’t do hurry in this step. Instead, do it slowly so that it doesn’t impact the watch. Otherwise, it would damage the body of your watch.

Once you have opened the top back, now you can go for the repairing works. If you want to replace a part, simply use the tweezers to remove the older part and place the new part. Use the parts tray for each part that you have removed from the watch. It will help you from losing small parts hassle.

If you are using a quartz watch, you may also need to replace the battery. In that case, buy a battery from the recommended company of your watch brand. Place the new battery exactly in the same place where the older one was staying. Besides this, if you feel need to clean the inner side environment then do it carefully.

For cleaning the inside, use the solution that you have purchased. You may use some cotton and a solution for cleaning. Don’t use so much liquid solution which may cause a mess in your watch. Also, during the cleaning work, keep the mainspring and crown safe from the liquid.

Whatever you do with your watch, always give priority to safety. After completing your repairing works, add the parts accurately to the watch. Use the screwdrivers again to make the screws tighten. Don’t keep it to lose or tight heavily. Tighten them until you feel it’s in the right place then stop screwing.

For advanced level works, never try to do it yourself. Go for someone who has vast experience and professional in repairing works. Otherwise, it could happen that you damaged the watch because of technical knowledge.

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