Watch is not just a useful thing that shows time, it also describes you. A watch leaves a strong fashion statement about you. It defines your personality as well. That’s why choosing the best brand watch is essential.
Now, the question arises the brand watches are quite expensive and so many of us can’t even afford. As for the solution, Invicta is here. Now, we’ll tell you why you should get an Invicta watch and how to set up Invicta watches.

How to set Invicta watches

So, finally, you have got your Invicta watch. Now, almost all the Invicta watch has the time and date changing the setting. So, here is the guideline that’ll help you to set your very first Invicta watch.

So, there are three types of function setting Invicta brand’s watches has. Here are the following-

Watches with time only :
These type of watch only shows time and the watch only have a setting for adjusting the time.
Watches with time and date:
It has all time and date feature also it offers to adjust watches time and date.
Watches with time, date and day:
You’ll get time, date and day all these features in the watches. So, you can adjust all these features as well. All these watches are controlled by a crown only.

Watches that have time feature only
1. Unlock the crown.
2. Keep twisting the crown till you positioned the accurate time.
3. Now lock it by pushing in.
Watches that have time and date feature only
1. It has two positions for choosing time and date.
2. At the first position, you’ll get a chance to set the accurate date of today.
3. Now pull it for the second position where you can set the time (hour, minute, second).
4. Once you’re done, pull down twice and it’ll continue with the new time and etc.
Watches that have time day and date features
  • Pull out/unlock the crown and it’ll be set to the first position.
  • Keep twisting the crown till you found the correct day.
  • Now again, rotate the crown clockwise to set the accurate date.
  • Now pull out/unlock the crown to the second position.
  • Once again keep turning to set the perfect minute and hour.
  • Once you set the time, day and date, now push in the crown back to the original position.

So, here are three types of watches feature setting that Invicta has. Some high-end watches may have more features. Also, you’ll figure out how to set those features as well.

Remember, the crown is the most important thing about the watch. It’s like the life-guard of the watch. While it’s locked, it protects the watches interior from water, moist, foggy, sweat and everything. If you keep it unlocked then everything will get in which destroy the beauty of your watches interior.


Invicta is one of the oldest and famous brands in the market. It shows the high-class, luxury and royalty in their watches. Also, they offer royal watches in a very inexpensive budget.


If you really want to get a luxurious watch in budget then Invicta should be your first preference. After getting one, this blog will helpyou to set the watch properly.

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