Best Tissot Watches Review 2020 | Comprehensive Buying Guide

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Best Tissot watches are not rare but to pick up one is pretty tough as the market have a bunch of them. And without reviewing them, it is possible you will end up buying a cheap quality watch.

It is absolutely waste of your money. But don’t worry. If you are looking for the best Tissot chronograph, you are in the right place.

In this conversation, I  will take a look at some of the market’s best coronographs which are made by the Tissot. And will disclose their unique features with some commons.

Admittedly, this will help you to choose the dream watch of yours. So, without further ado let’s hop on to the best Tissot watches review.

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What is a Tissot watch? Why Need To Use It?

Tissot is one of the renowned watchmaking company base don Switerzerland. Charles-Emile Tissot and his father Charles-Felicien Tissot founded the Tissot in 1853.

In the early age of their company, the father and son used to sell the pocket watch. Actually, that was the era when pocket watch was more desirable. But time has changed so the Tissot. And now they have the name on making luxury wrist watches.

Wait till now I am just talking about the Tissot watches. But didn’t tell you why a man needs this. Just come along with me. You will see why you should need a Tissot luxury watch.

Grabbing attention

If you want to prove attractive your self instantly, you can wear luxury a watch on your wrist. It will help you to attract the crowd on you like immediately.

A study shows held by the University of Minnesota shows that people usually consider a man as a happier and more successful who is more attractive. And the luxury watch is surely a thing to make you more attractive.

Use it as the weapon of standing out

There you can find a bunch of ways which may help you to stand out from the crowd. A good quality clothing is the most common one. And most of the people think about it at first.

If you also think that to do, hold on a second before doing that. Just check your clothing and see if you have any branded watch on your wrist. If you are missing that, just grab one.

Because a luxury watch will completely change your look, and people will consider you as a charming person.

Indicate Your Class

 Do you have any ideas about why most of the millionaires wear luxury watches?

Well, I have an answer.

They do it to show their class. And if you wear it at your business meeting, your partners will take you seriously. Cause luxury watches can increase your status.

Can not believe me?

Do it as you go for your next meeting. Or follow the millionaires.

Boost Up Your Style

Nowadays smartphones are one of the parts of people’s style. But mobile phone models are changing rapidly. Suppose you buy a mobile today. And surely this will lose its value after a couple of months and will be backdated.

However, the history of the Swiss watch is so long, it never loses its value.

So, if you have one today, it will be the same stylish after years. You can also sell it as an art piece, and it will surely bring you the fortune.

I sware.

It Will Tell time

And last but not least, luxury watches are better watches than others. It won’t just make you feel special it will tell you time. And Swiss-made luxury watches have the reputation of being the most precise timepiece.

Actually, these all are handcrafted masterpieces. And these watches can provide you the perfection as you can imagine.

Top 7 Best Tissot Watches Reviews

Tissot Men’s Visodate Automatic Black Watch

Tissot Men's Visodate Automatic Black Watch

If you are looking for a high-end Tissot watch, you should look at the Tissot men’s Visodate. This automatic Tissot watch has all the features you want to have in a luxury watch.

The Visodate Automatic bears a Swiss-made automatic movement in its heart. And we all know Swiss craftsmen make the words so that they can last longer.  So you don’t have to be tensed about its quality.

To make it sturdy, producers have put it in a stainless steel case. So, the watch is hard enough to tackle any hard situation.

As its name suggests, the Visodate comes with leather made black strap on it. And I think, like me, you people have a soft corner for the black color. Otherwise, If you don’t like the strap color you can swap it with another one.

This Tissot men’s watch comes with a mind-blowing black dial and silver-tone two hands. The hour indicating the hand of the T019.430.16.051.01 also comes with silver-tone. So, you can easily match it with your suit.

However, before buying this one, consider one thing. The black might be cool for the dial, but you have to struggle to see the time in the night. And it will be harder if you don’t get the light at that time.

Unlike other regular watches on the market. This specific Tissot watch under 500 has a scratch-resistant sapphire window. And it can tackle a hard situation pretty much well.

The watch is also water-resistant. And it will support you at most 30 minutes underwater at 30-meter deep.

So, if you are looking for a brand watch to show your class, you can pick the Tissot Visodate Automatic Black featuring a 42mm diameter case with 12mm thick.

One of the astonishing thing about this watch is its original Swiss mechanical movement. And I am assuring you it got the top class mechanical movement that will show you time years after years. 

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Analog display
  • Pigskin leather band
  • Measures seconds
  • Sapphire glass (anti-reflective)
  • Stainless steel material
  • Water resistant to 30 meters

Tissot Men’s T0636103603700 Analog Quartz Brown Leather

Tissot Men's T0636103603700

You can make a pause to the findings of Casula Tissot watches. Because Tissot T0636103603700 is here to end your findings. This Swiss quartz movement watch has everything to satisfy you.

The Tissot Men’s Classic watch is offering you the rose gold color PDV stainless steel case with brown leather made the strap. And you will find a Butterfly clasp to hold the belt on your hand.

This classic masterpiece features white dial and matching rose gold color second, minute and hour indicators.

Tissot T0636103603700 also comes with a unique 6 and 12 o’clock positions which are marked by Arabic numerals. And you will also find minute markers throughout the outer rim.

Like other high-end Tissot watches, you can find a date markers on the 3 o’clock position. So, you don’t have to bring out your mobile phone to find out today’s time if you have this quartz Tissot watch on your wrist.

42 mm diameter is the perfect size for the adult wrist which also is the size of this beauty. And you will be astonished that it has a thickness of 7.74 mm.

And Tissot doesn’t stop there to satisfy you. To make it a perfect watch, Tissot makes it water-resistant. And you can dive into the 100-feet deep water, and it will remain intact.

For a rough use, Tissot has thrown a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. So your watch will remain new after years without gaining any scratches.

If you are looking for a slim watch, you can look at this undoubtedly. And the rose gold color of it makes it one of the cutest Tissot watch available in the market today.

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Attractive brown leather
  • Water-resistant (90 meters)
  • White dial color
  • Soft Calfskin leather
  • Quartz movement

Tissot Men’s T0334101601300 T-Classic Dream White Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch

At number 3 I have Tissot T0334101601300. Like other mid-range Tissot watches, it also comes with a stainless steel case.  It has a leather made a strap to a bandit on your wrist.

The T-Classic features a Swiss-made quartz movement. Though the Japanese are the best to make this type of watch movement, Swiss has years of reputation to make watch movent also. And like the mechanical watches, it is also reliable.

The watch is a combo of classic and style. And to make this dream watch Tissot has put a white dial with a brown strap on it.

This classic watch has roman numerical throughout the rim that gives it an elegant look.

Like other Tissot watches, it won’t disappoint you. Because it also comes with a date reminder at the 3 o’clock position.

The glass is the enemy of scratches, and it attracts it most often. But don’t worry about your T-Classic Dream Tissot because a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects it.

And like other quality watches out there, it is water-resistant. So, as far as you stay 30-feet underwater, it will remain intact, and water won’t affect its inner side.

The most astonishing feature which may bias you to select6 this watch is its dial. Unlike other watches, it has a white dial with all the hour marking in roman numeric. 

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Brown Synthetic leather
  • Analog display type
  • Water-resistant (99 feet)
  • Roman numerals
  • Stainless still case

Tissot Men’s Tradition – T0636101605800

Tissot Mens Tradition - T0636101605800

Next, in my list of Tissot watch reviews, I have T0636101605800-197. With just under 200 Tissot is offering some of the amazing features.

Let’s have a look at them.

If you are a swimmer and looking for a watch that suits your purpose as well stylish, then Tissot Men’s Tradition is made for you.

This chronograph is offering a Round 316L stainless steel made case that is absolutely rust-resistant. And to match your style sense, it has an alligator made a leather strap which uses regular buckle closure to hold the watch on your hand.

42-mm diameter traditional watch features an 8-mm hight. And this provides the watch to a terminator look.

To run the watch 24/7 watchmakers of the tissot6 put a Swiss-made quartz movement in it. And like most of the traditional watch, it can also display the date through its display window.

The T0636101605800-197 has a Black colored guilloche dial with three handles which are there to indicate the second, minute and hour.

This specific budget-friendly Tissot watch also comes with water-resistant features. And it can take down up to 3-atm/30-meters easily.

The fascinating thing which attracts me to select this watch is its color combination. Buddies who are really crazy about the black, I sware it is the watch you are looking for.

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Calfskin soft leather
  • Stainless steel case
  • black dial with silver-tone spine
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Water-resistant to 100 ft
  • Roman numeral
  • Standard round shape, analog display

Tissot Men’s Tradition Chronograph – T0636173603700

Tissot Mens T0636173603700

Up next, I have another traditional Tissot made chronograph modelT0636173603700. This is another piece of art made by Tissot with some handsome features.

The watch comes on the market with a Swiss-made quartz movement. And to hold the dial and mechanism it features a 316L stainless steel made case.

For the gold lovers, the case is plated with a rose gold color. And that’s not all for the surprise.

Tissot T0636173603700 has a white dial and leather made a brown bracelet. To hold the bracelet all together on your hand it has a Deployment clasp including the buckle.

Surprisingly this specific model of the Tissot watch has an additional three dials. And these deals are not dummies like the cheaper watches. They are made to display 30-minutes, 60-seconds, and 1/10th of a second.

So, it is capable of tracking down your every millisecond.

The watch is available at a 42 mm diameter case which is standard. And surprisingly it is one of the lightest watches you can have today with just 2.4 oz.

Where other watches in this price range struggle to play with the water there, Tissot made this watch water-resistant. And it can survive up to 3 ATM/30 meters deep into the water.

Moreover, another futuristic Tissot watch line up our T0636173603700 also features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

If you ask me what the most futuristic features that attracted me most is, it is its subdials. These subdials are not only there to show you the precise time, but they also increase its looking.   

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Rose gold plated
  • 3 subdial display
  • Scratch and water-resistant
  • Quartz Movement
  • Sapphire crystal Glass (anti-reflective)
  • Real leather, brown band

Tissot T-Classic Tradition Silver Dial Men’s Watch #T063.610.16.037.00

Tissot T-Classic

If you are looking for a watch that can be worn with casual and formal clothing, you can look at the Tissot T-Classic T063.610.16.037.00-215. At just over 200 it features some of the fantastic features you can ever imagine.

The watch has a stainless steel made case, and it has a brown strap.

To run the watch, the watchmakers have put a Swiss-made quartz movement. And on this movement, you will see the beautiful looking white dial. You will also find three silver-colored hands (matching the outer shell) for indicating second, minute and hours.

T-Classic series made T063.610.16.037.00-215 comes with an Arabic numerals marking system on the 6 and 12 o’clock positions with Minute markers on the outer rim.

Like other Tissot series, it also has a Scratch resistant sapphire crystal made the window to display the dial. Moreover, the watch is also water resistant. And it can be all right as deep as 30 meters deep.

This silver dial men’s traditional watch is unique for its design.


Well, though it has a 42-mm diameter case, it is as slim as 7-mm. And you will find some of the watches that are this much slim. 

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Fold over clasp
  • Real leather
  • Water resistant to 100 ft
  • Silver dial and brown band
  • Battery powered
  • Stainless steel bezel

Tissot Men’s Heritage Visodate Automatic – T0194301603101-271

Tissot Mens Heritage T0194301603101

At last but not least, I have Tissot Men’s Heritage T0194301603101-271. Like most of the high-class chronograph, it is packed with some futuristic features that can bias you to take it.

So, let’s take a quick look at it.

Tissot Men’s Automatic T0194301603101-271 is released in a 316L stainless steel made case. And the alligator made leather strip is there to increase its beauty. To hold the watch with your wrist, it has a  Deployment clasp closure.

Tissot T0194301603101-271 has a milky white fresh dial and three silver-colored hands to indicates the second, minute and hour.

Where other ordinary watches Roman or Arabic numeric on its dial to indicates the time, it features baton hour markers and minute track.

And top of all, this watch is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. So, you can use the watch anytime without doing the tension of getting scratches.

Under its dial pad, it holds a Swiss made mechanical watch movement that ensures its quality.

The most amazing fact about this Tissot watch is its size. Like others I have mentioned earlier it is not as big as 42mm. Instead, it comes with a 39-mm diameter round dial.

Benefits & Highlighted Features

  • Sapphire dial window (anti-reflective)
  • Calfskin leather band
  • Automatic movement
  • measures-seconds, Luminous
  • Water resistant to 99 ft
  • Deployment buckle clasp
  • Stainless steel
  • Analog display

Things to Consider Before Buying Tissot Chronograph

Though a watch may look tiny accessory to you, it has many things to consider before buying it. And movement, materials, functions, strap and so many other things which are not possible to curve.

So let’s have a look at what you should see before buying luxury Tissot watches.


Before picking up a luxury chronograph, you have to select a renowned brand. But here we are talking about the specific brand named Tissot, so you already have a chosen brand.

Then what to look for then?

Well, if you take a quick look at the market, you will find that all the Tissot watch you have seen are not authentic. So, before picking one make sure that you are selecting the genuine one.

Well, how can you find out the legitimacy of a Tissot watch is the question now.

All the official Tissot watch comes with an official warranty or guarantee. And it makes sure that you are picking up the right watch. You will also find a holographic sticker on the watch also that will prove it is authentic.


The movement of the watch is its engine that provides the power to hands for moving. If you have the idea on the watch, you already know Tissot uses two kinds of movements on its watches.

One is mechanical and other is quartz.

Generally, most of the watches which got mechanical movement are called mechanical watches. And most of the time they make it with hand. A hand made mechanical watch is more costly than the quartz watches.

So, if you have a tight budget, I will recommend you to go for the quartz watch. And remember, quartz movement watches are not as cheap quality as you are thinking. Actually, they are the second best movement you can have in your watch.


All the time Tissot makes their watches using high-quality material. Sometimes they use gold, silver, carbon fiber, platinum-like exotic material to make them.

However, they are super exclusive to get hands on. And for regular people like me, it can cost their whole life ‘s savings.

Well, don’t be dishearten yet.

For us, Tissot makes watches from normal material. Generally, they use high-quality stainless steel. And these are the much cheaper than I have mentioned above.


Most of the cheap brand out there use glass as the window of their watches. And the glass tends to catch scratches faster.

Tissot also used to use glass for their watch window. And as usual, it got the same treatment.

But time has changed fast. Now we have a replacement for the glass and Tissot has started using sapphire instead of using glass. And sapphire is stronger than the glass particle.

So, before buying a watch make sure the watch you have selected has a sapphire crystal.

Strap and Lock System

There you can find two types of straps on the watches. One is made of leather, and another is made from metal.

Most of the time they use steel as the material of their bracelet. But before picking up this, remember one thing. Steel tends to get rust if you don’t take care of it regularly.

On the other hand, classic watches come with the leather strap and unique lock system. And to provide the best quality leather to their customer, Tissot uses alligator leather with their watches.

But if you are not a fan of crocodile, you can choose regular cow leather stripe.

Water Resistant 

Water is the main culprit which can take down your watch. And just like other great companies, Tissot is also conscious about it.

Nowadays Tissot is making its watches as they can resist water. But it has a limit and depends on the model you want to pick.

If you are a sportsman, do go for the ordinary watches which have average 30-meters of water resistant power. Instead, go for the watches which are meant to use for diving and have more ability to take a tour into the deep water.

tissot watches review

Types of Tissot Watches

According to gender, size, movement, strap, and style, you can find an array of Tissot watch collection. Let’s see what is Tissot offering.

  • Tissot has watches for men as well as women. So, you can pick a watch according to your gender.
  • Tissot is offering watches with various size option. You can choose any of the Tissot watches from 15MM TO 28.9MM, 29MM TO 35.9MM,  36MM TO 42.9MM,  OVER 43MM dial option.
  • You can choose Tissot watches according to your favorite movement. Generally, it releases watches on the market with Swiss mechanical movement and Swiss quartz movement.
  • Tissot has options for you to choose a watch according to its strap. Generally, they are offering leather strap, metal bracelet, and strap made from high-quality rubber.
  • At last, you can pick watches by your taste. And to satisfy all kinds of people Tissot is making classic watches, sports watches, and vintage watches.

Some Top-rated Watch Brands on The Market

Tissot is not the only watchmakers who are offering some astonishing watches to choose from. You also find some other brands who are offering the same quality brand watches. And sometimes they are even the big brands from the Tissot.

If you analyze the market, you will find most of the renowned watch brands are from Switzerland. Let’s see some of the most popular watch brands which are dominating the market right now.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is a Swiss luxury watchmaking company situated in Le Brassus, Switzerland. It is a well-known brand for making mechanical watches and pocket watches. Edward Auguste Piguet and Jules Louis Audemars founded the company in 1875 in Vallee de Joux.

 Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is one of the oldest watchmaking company which is famous for its various types of watches. It is another Switzerland base watch company founded in 1755.

 Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is another golden boy of Switzerland founded in 1839. And It is still continuously wondering the world with their watchmaking.


Rolex is one of the most renowned brands of luxury watches founded in 1905. Though it is also another  Switzerland based company, it is founded in England by Wilsdorf and Davis by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis.

International Watch Company

American watchmaker, Florentine Ariosto Jones, founded the International Watch Company (IWC) in 1868. But nowadays it is also operating from Switzerland. And like other giant watchmakers, they are also famous for their array of watches.

 How to Maintain And Take Care Your Watch for Longevity

A watch is not only the gadget which tells you time but also it holds your personal history. So, to keep this engineering piece running you have to take care of it.

To maintain and take care of your watch you have to follow the steps below.

Clean it

If you got dirt on your watch, remove it. To do so, take a soft fabric and rub the case and straps. If you got a water-resistant watch, you should use soap and water to get a better result.

And try to repeat it after a couple of weeks.

Regularly Put it for Servicing

After using a couple of years take your watch to the professional to take a look at it. If you get a problem, then you must have to go for them.

Keep it Away From The Magnets

Magnets can affect your watches’ timekeeping. So keep your watch away from a magnet.

 Keep it Safe From the Water

If you don’t have a water-resistant watch, don’t bring it close to it. Though most of the watches out there today are water resistant, it is safe to keep them far from it.

Store it in the Box

When you are not using it, keep it into the storing box.

Never open it Yourself

If your watch ever goes through some problems, don’t attempt to open it by yourself. Take my advice and go to the expert.

Common Tissot Watch Troubleshooting

Sometimes you may find some common issues with your watch when you don’t need to go for the professional. These problems can be taken care of in the home easily. And here I am listing down some.

If your watch stopped automatically, don’t go crazy. It is possible you have forgotten to restore its power. So, restore it to bring it back.

Sometimes your watches can be fallen suddenly on to the ground. In this case, it can lose its excel. Check out the crown of your watch. If you find out that the crown is out from the body, push it down. If your strap is worn out, replace it with the new one.

For the battery-powered watch, change its battery. Maybe it is worn out.

Frequnetly Asked Questions FAQ

Ques: How long do quartz batteries last?

Ans: batteries which come with the watch itself can last up to four years, but the replacement one can be worn out after a year. No guarantee here.

Ques: Does my Tissot watch need a battery?

Ans: If you have an automatic one, you don’t need to put any battery into it. But for a quartz movement Tissot watch, you surely need a battery.

Ques: Can quartz watches be repaired?

Ans: Yes, you can repair your good quality Tissot watch which has a quartz movement.

Ques: Does stopping a watch save the battery?

Ans: Nope. It will just disconnect the power supply to the gear, but still, your battery will throw power to nowhere.

Ques: How often should you wind an automatic watch?

Ans: In my opinion, once a week is more than enough.

Final Verdict

That’s all for today.

These are the best Tissot watches I had for you guys. These all are chosen from a jungle full of fake and cheap quality watches. And I have spent hours to pick them.

So, you can definitely rely on this Tissot watches review.

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